In-House and Open Refractory Training Courses

CHB presents in-house refractory training courses for the HIP & Petrochemical Industry. The courses are tailored to suit our client's plant requirements and to address specific refractory reliability issues.

The courses were presented by the late Dr John Hancock and Mr Darrol Biggs who accumulatively have over 74 years experience in the Refractory Industry. Over 1200 delegates have attended our training courses in a period of 25 years and seating is typically limited to maximum of 30 delegates per course.

Courses have been presented in Australia, Bahrain, UK, Europe, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia and USA. Courses are also available online at:

If you would like more information on the practicality of the course, please contact us and we will provide a list of the previous delegates for you to contact alternatively visit : or for online courses.

Client Testimonials

“Good overview of subjects - gained an understanding of practical & theoretical limitations also risk areas”

Foster Wheeler

"Course helped me with my knowledge of inspection and repair methods, thanks"

Sapref (Shell/BP)

“Good focus on things to be aware of”

Engen (Petronas)

“Course very well delivered. Information was in depth and beneficial. I was able to relate the theory to my practical experience.”

In-house course at Chevron Wales

“What an excellent course”


“Good understanding of refractory technology and poses questions which require participants to think about”

Kantey & Templer

“The most informative refractory course I have attended”

In-house course at BAPCO (Bahrain)

“Excellent course, should be attended by all supervisors, very good”

In-house course at ADGAS - UAE

“A must for inspection departments”

Dolphin Energy - Dubai Annual Course

“Excellent course, should be attended by all supervisors, very good”

In-house course at ADGAS - UAE

“Excellent course, clarifying many aspects of refractory theory and practise. Interesting to have a global perspective of the Refractory World.”

In-house course at Chevron

the problem

Refractories are a critical part of the operation of most high temperature units namely; FCCU, SRU, Reformers, Reactors, Fired Heaters, Wastes Heat Boilers, Sulphur Pits, Incinerators, Ducting and Stacks to name a few. These linings are frequently a major cost item both in general maintenance and also the unscheduled downtime of production units arising from premature refractory failure.

Refractory technology is changing so rapidly and the price of refractory materials is continuing to escalate so rapidly, that all users must conduct regular value audits on their refractory purchases.

Why are Our Courses Different?

We will equip delegates with the necessary skills to assess the Risk of Refractory Failure and to Examine Design Concepts.

- Purchase Specifications

- Materials

- Installation

- Heat-up

- Operation

Who Should Attend?

The course is a necessity to people who have a responsibility for refractory purchases, inspections and who are involved in a production function. The latter will find the course of great value in understanding the relationship between refractories and process operations.

- Maintenance Engineers

- Project Management

- Inspectors

- Metallurgists

- Buyers

- Operators

- Refractory Supervisors