CHB has been a reliable participant in Thermography in the Petrochemical and Refining Industry since 2005. Prior to extending our services and placing our own Level 2 Thermographer in the field, we have been reviewing and analyzing our clients IR scans since 1998.

CHB’s thermography services are as unique as our client’s requirements.

We have been involved in the refractory industry since 1983 and with our knowledge and understanding of refractory linings we approach infra-red scanning in a unique manner.

Services that we are able to perform include:

Refractory Shutdown Planning - With the use of our in-house IR scans and review of previous shutdown reports we are able to define the scope of work and draw up a bill of materials to facilitate shutdown planning. Our experience with plant equipment and problem areas ensures accurate estimates.

Condition Monitoring - to ensure equipment reliability and estimate remaining service life.