What you can expect

CHB are based in South Africa and travel globally to clients sites to conduct refractory inspections and offer advice. CHB have on-going maintenance contracts with Refineries and frequently assist clients with refractory failure investigations, shutdown planning and maintenance inspections.

Qualified, experienced API 936 certified inspectors are involved in lining assessments and recommendations on maintenance shutdowns as well as Third Party Quality Assurance on new projects.

Third Party Inspection clients include: Shell, Chevron, Engen, Total, BP, PetroSA, Sasol, Qatar Energy, RASGAS (Qatar), ADNOC (UAE), Stone & Webster (SHAW), PERTAMINA (Indonesia), SPRC Thailand, SRC (Singapore), ExxonMobil, Chevron -South Africa, Angola & Nigeria, TCO Kazakhstan, Quartis and Causeway Steel.

CHB have on-going investigations into refractory failure analysis for installers and end users in almost every industry. Any samples from such failures are tested at our independent refractory testing laboratory in Sasolburg, South Africa.

Roles and Responsibilities on site include

FCCU Refractory Shutdown Planning and Co-ordination


Design Review

Lining Assessments

Repair Procedures

Third Party Quality Assurance

Failure Analysis

Pre-qualification of Materials and Personnel

Quality Control Procedures

Installation Procedures

Refractory Testing, Research and Development

Supply of Competent Refractory Inspectors and Technicians

Infrared Inspections

- level 2 thermographer

- Pre-shutdown and post shutdown

- On-going monitoring of faulty linings to ensure plant reliability until a planned shutdown

- Check furnace efficiency and design recommendation based on thermography